Ten Walls — aka Lithuanian producer Marijus Adomaitis  — has shared his opinions on homosexuality via his personal Facebook account, reported Gay Star News. The explosive remarks, which have since been deleted, labeled homosexuals as “another breed” and compared homosexuality to child abuse.


Since the Gay Star News story broke on Sunday, the 'Walking With Elephants' star has been widely condemned by the international dance music community, with the producer axed from UK mega festival Creamfields and high-profile Spanish music event, Sonar.


Creamfields have released a statement in light of the cancellation, saying: “Whilst we respect freedom of speech, we find his defamatory and prejudiced comments about the gay community extremely offensive and feel that this is not in line with the spirit of Creamfields or an opinion that we support.”


DJ Mag put Ten Walls on the cover of our February mag — something we never would've done had we known about his offensive opinions. "I put Ten Walls on our February cover, as I thought he was a fascinating artist," said DJ Mag editor Ben Murphy. "I was appalled to read his repugnant comments over the weekend, and would never have gone ahead with the coverage if I'd known he harboured such views. It's ridiculous that someone who makes a kind of music that is directly derived from gay culture could make such statements."


Producer and DJ Fort Romeau has also announced he will refuse to play with Adomaitis later this year at Koko in London, whilst producers including Midland, The Black Madonna and Optimo have publically announced their disgust via social media.


London-based DJ/producer Guy Williams told DJ Mag: "What a shame that someone producing music that has had a big impact on people from ALL walks of life, reveals himself to be a narrow minded homophobe that not only doesn't understand it (you don't have to, mate) but talks in rhetoric that wouldn't be misplaced under Hitler's rule. 'Walking With Dinosaurs' is most apt."